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The enemy perspective. The National Abortion Federation (NAF) web page on "Clinic Violence." 

MAY 17, 2001 -- "Spike it!" That's the likely response of news editors to the report of a stabbing outside of a Louisiana abortion mill last Saturday. Why? Because the victim is a pro-lifer.  ( - A long-time pro-life advocate told police he was stabbed Saturday (5-12-01) while picketing an abortion facility. Missionaries to the Unborn, a pro-life news service, reports that Attorney J. Fred Hart, 51, was treated at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center for a stab wound in his side and released Saturday.

According to police, Hart and another pro-lifer, Jim Dawson, 70, of Vilonia, were in front of the Family Health Care Clinic abortion clinic in Little Rock when two women pulled up in a black 1994 Chevrolet pickup. "The passenger [in the truck] started yelling obscene words, then exited and grabbed his sign, and took off running when she fell," the police report stated. "Hart stated he bent over to pick up the sign when [the woman] stabbed him in his left side with a knife."

The police report says the woman denies the charges and claims Hart attacked her. However, Dawson recorded most of the attack with a video camera and police have taken the tape into evidence. Moreover, Rose Mimms, the executive director of Arkansas Right to Life, which leases the office next door to the abortion clinic, said she believes Hart to be a gentle man.

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