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Homosexuality and the Church

SAT, FEB 9, 2002 -- The pedophilia bombs keep going off in the Archdiocese of Boston. The world is quick to blame celibacy, but strangely -- not surprisingly -- homosexuality is un-indicted by the pro-homosexual news media.
    We are reminded of "The Gay Priest Problem" in the November 2000 Catholic World Report. A letter to the editor ("Believe it!") relates one seminarian's experience at St. John's Seminary in Boston.


Ex-abortionists seek peace
Washington Times, 
February 23, 2001

Washington, DC — Entering the abortion business was easy, says Joan Appleton, a former head nurse at the Commonwealth Clinic, an abortion facility in Falls Church, Va. But leaving it 12 years ago, she says, was something else. Full article…

Back to despair

"During 1998 and 1999 Mr. Harrah was the anti-abortion hero, the trophy convert, the hottest new face at pro-life fundraising events.

"Now, at 32, he has renounced Christianity and returned to homosexuality."

Read this tragic story of Eric Harrah in the September 2, 2000 issue of World magazine:

"Star makers, heartbreakers"
and "Back to Despair"

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