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An incident that serves as a cautionary tale to bear in mind when Planned Parenthood sympathizers allege pro-life violence, harassment, etc., thereby claiming a need for a buffer zone.
TUE, JUL 17 -- "Disregard those calls," said a Boston Police sergeant to the dispatcher on Saturday, July 14 regarding a call to Boston Police complaining that pro-lifers at Planned Parenthood were "out of control." __________________________________
Transcript of the police radio conversation: 
Boston Police Dispatcher - "Is there a unit still down at 1055 Comm Ave. (Planned Parenthood)? Can a unit go back to that 1055 Comm. Ave. if there is none there?  There's a call that two white females dressed as Boston Police officers are really out of control and acting up."
Boston Police Officer [still at P.P. since rosary vigil] - "Kilo 4xx, I'm still down here at 1055.  I'm watching those two individuals right now.  They're not doing anything or acting up. They're just standing there.  They're talking to another protester."
Dispatcher - "OK, thank you. I'm just giving out the call."
Police Officer - "Yeah, I know. Where is that call coming from? Who made that call? I mean, nothing is going on; I'd like to know where that call came from."
Dispatcher - "I'm not sure. Ah, the (Star) market."
Police Officer - "Yeah, OK. There is nothing going on"
Boston Police Supervisor, District 14 - "Kilo 911 to dispatcher."
Dispatcher - "Kilo 911, go ahead"
Supervisor District 14 - "Kilo 911, those two individuals are regulars out there.  We know them and are aware of them.  Disregard those calls."
Dispatcher - "OK Kilo 911, I got it."

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