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". . . knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain." — 1 Cor. 15:58

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Babies saved at Boston-area abortion clinics:
For 2014:  20
    For year 2013:   61     

For  2012: 74 2011: 119,  2010: 74,  2009: 99,  2008: 85, 2007: 90,  2006: 80, 2005: 64, 
2004: 65,  2003: 60

 BUFFER ZONE SUPREME COURT HEARING: Go to the Supreme Court web site and click on “Oral Arguments,” followed by “Argument Transcript” or “Argument Oral”; the name of the case is McCullen v. Coakley.

SCOTUSblog blogger seems to think we'll win!

WED, APR 16 - Another baby saved (#20)! Eleanor, Mary, and company were at Planned Parenthood this morning and a couple came out and told them that they "did not have the abortion"!

WED, APR 9 - Eleanor and Mary were teamed up today outside of Planned Parenthood in Boston. It was only a moderately busy day, and among the various customers were two women, each accompanied by another woman. Both pairs were approached by Eleanor and Mary who offered pro-life material and encouragement. Although both went into the facility, they both came out - all smiles, and they affirmed that they "did not have the abortion" (#18 and #19)!
     By contrast, a couple of other women who exited Planned Parenthood this morning were obviously post-abortion - NO smiles! - and both were visibly CRUSHED!

THU, APR 3 -  "If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself." -- St. Augustine

Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, and saying, “...repent, and believe in the gospel.” - Mark 1:14-15. The nominal Catholics who are members of Massachusetts' congressional delegation, written about in Monday's front-page Boston Globe story, have a different take on the Gospel: it is their Church, not they, who must repent, and embrace their Gospel of Liberalism.

In Pope Francis, they claim, they have finally found a soul mate: “He’s saying the things I want my church to stand for,’’ McGovern said. “Fairness and inclusion,’’ the Globe nodded approvingly.

Some of a cynical bent might have the temerity to point out that children in the womb are omitted from the rubric of “inclusion.’’ But please, restrain yourself. That kind of talk makes Representative McGovern feel bad:

McGovern also knows what it’s like to feel shunned by church leadership. Moakley, his political mentor, was dying of leukemia when he asked McGovern to give a eulogy at his funeral. McGovern agreed but said then-Cardinal Bernard Law intervened to prevent him from speaking, which Moakley said was because of McGovern’s position in support of abortion rights and gay rights.

The Left, of course, very readily resorts to vilification, intimidation, and exclusion in support of their agenda. So some consider their opposition to the Church's insistence on doctrinal and moral truth as a double standard.

But it is not. It's one standard: they are agents of Darkness and advance Darkness, while opposing Light; consistently; in season or out of season; in Church or out of Church. The reason for their animosity is simple: they simply do not believe these fundamentals of the Faith. They have their own doctrines, their own morals, and - probably - their own god. (See Col. 3:5.)

And Pope Francis, despite some ill-timed and ill-phrased ambiguous remarks early in his papacy, is not an advocate of abortion or same-sex “marriage.” Hopefully, he will one day signal that the bishops of the world should do what is long overdue: enforce Canon 915. As Cardinal Burke remarked the other day: denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians is an act of pastoral charity.

Or as Saint Paul bluntly put it, “Drive out the wicked person from among you” (1 Cor. 5:13).

Lorraine, a sidewalk counselor, was there Friday when a couple came out of Planned Parenthood and said that they had decided against the scheduled abortion (#17)!

WED, MAR 26 - Another baby was saved Saturday at Planned Parenthood: number 16! A seminarian, Judy, and Ruth spoke with a young woman outside of Planned Parenthood. She decided against the abortion, despite the opposition of her angry grandmother, who was waiting in the car down the street.

MEDFIELD, Mass., March 26, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Grand Jury indictment of the former Chief Operating Officer of Boston's Steward Health Care LLC, is cited as one of the main reasons for a request to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for an independent investigation of the Steward hospital system, which was formed in 2010.

FRI, MAR 21 - Lorraine, a sidewalk counselor, was told by a woman who came out of Planned Parenthood this morning that, "I didn't have the abortion." Lorraine offered her pro-life material and the woman left with her male driver. (#15)

Interview with Cardinal Burke on Faith, the right to life, and the family.

“The priest’s refusal to give Holy Communion is a prime act of pastoral charity, helping the person in question to avoid sacrilege and safeguarding the other faithful from scandal,” said American Cardinal Raymond Burke in an interview published exclusively in English today by LifeSiteNews.

Reliable estimates indicate that anywhere from 100-200 million Christians are persecuted every year; one Christian is martyred every five minutes. Approximately 85% of this persecution occurs in Muslim majority nations. In 1900, 20% of the Middle East was Christian. Today, less than 2% is. Why the media does not cover jihadist attacks ob Middle East Christians.

The persecuted Church

It started with a phone call to our office number on Sunday, forwarded to me. The caller requested help for a pregnant young woman who had an abortion scheduled for this week.
     I referred him to Eleanor, one of our premier sidewalk counselors. After a few phone calls, Eleanor and the young woman were connected and agreed to meet Tuesday morning to go to an appointment at Pregnancy Help. There she had an ultrasound and over an hour with their counselor.
     Bottom line:
the woman was very receptive - and grateful. She has cancelled her abortion appointment! (#14)

FRI, MAR 14 - A couple stayed in their car in parking lot at Women's Health this morning for at least a half hour.  Never went into the facility.  Finally, they drove away. Not 100% sure, but I'm calling it #13.

MON, MAR 10 - On Ash Wednesday, a couple came out of Planned Parenthood and told Eleanor that they had chosen life for their baby (#11). On Saturday morning an Asian woman told Jean, a sidewalk counselor, that, "We're going to keep our baby," as she and a man left Planned Parenthood. We don't know if they had scheduled an abortion (better if they hadn't!). About 11:30 on Saturday morning, another couple came out of Planned Parenthood and told Evelyn (BELOW, RIGHT) that, "We didn't have the abortion." Seeing the twenty or so people gathered in prayer, she added, "Your prayers were answered!" (#12)

MON, MAR 3 - Gary Bauer on the Arizona surrender: If you are a pastor and haven't figured this out yet, let me make it clear: Right before your eyes, significant parts of Scripture are on the verge of being declared off-limits, subjecting you to accusations of bigotry and jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of your church. Read the full column

Pat Buchanan: But who is imposing whose beliefs here?
    The baker who says he’s not making your wedding cake? Or those who want Arizona law to declare that either he provides that wedding cake and those flowers for that same-sex ceremony, or we see to it that he is arrested, prosecuted and put out of business? Read full column

A couple arrived early - 7:03 am - to Planned Parenthood on Wednesday. Eleanor approached them and said, "We can help you." But in they went anyway. But before 9:00 am they came out. Mary O'Donnell offered them a rosary and a holy card with the Blessed Virgin Mary, both of which they accepted. When asked, "Did you have the abortion?" the answer was, "No" (#10) !

Contraception is a threat to national security! Demographic bankruptcy leads to financial bankruptcy, and financial bankruptcy heightens the risk of political collapse. And a bankrupt nation is at the mercy of its creditors and of opportunistic neighbors. So European society today is in grave danger. Click for the full column by Phil Lawler

THU, FEB 13 - Yesterday was a busy, busy day at Planned Parenthood. Five couples already in by about 7:00 AM, just after Eleanor arrived! But shortly after 10, two women exited Planned Parenthood and one confirmed to Mary (another sidewalk counselor) and the second one to Eleanor, that they had decided against their scheduled abortions! "We couldn't do it!" said the male companion to Eleanor. (#8 & 9)

Late reported save: Yesterday morning a man approached Mary on the sidewalk near Planned Parenthood: "I asked if he would like a rose, as I had one left. He took it. Then I asked if he would like a Rosary. Wordless and turning away was he, but he took the beads.
    "Then he broke silence. 'I have to give thanks. Twenty years ago one of your people saved my son.  He is six feet two inches tall, in the Army.
    "'He was to be aborted.  The woman responsible for saving him took us to the [crisis pregnancy center].'"

FRI, FEB 7 - A baby was saved this morning at Planned Parenthood (#7). Connie, a sidewalk counselor, talked to the couple as they left the facility. "What changed your mind," she asked. "The ultrasound," was the reply.

WED, FEB 5 - Our friend Chris Slattery, pictured below at the March for Life, founder and president of Expectant Mother Care crisis pregnancy centers in New York City, and now in other states, including Texas. They run a dozen centers in four boroughs in New York City. According to their web site, EMC has served over 125,000 clients since 1985, with over 42,000 certain saves from abortion!!

Number 6: we are counting this, even though there were indications that it is quite temporary. On Thursday at Women's Health in Brookline, a mother and daughter arrived. The daughter uttered profanities at us on the way in.  A short time later the mother came out, and subsequently was approached by one of the abortion facility women. After this, mother and daughter returned to their SUV and drove away. No change of heart evident - but no abortion either.  So, it's a baby saved, however temporarily (and that could change!).

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI): contraception is “basic to our economic prosperity.”

Jeff Jacoby has a follow-up article on the buffer zone: his take on the Supreme Court hearing.

Lila Rose faces down NARAL president on CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ - Live Action president Lila Rose appeared on CNN’s Crossfire, along with NARAL president Ilyse Hogue, and the issue of rape and abortion was debated. While Lila Rose of course pointed out the horror and indignity of the act of rape, she also astutely explained that abortion only adds more violence to an already violent act, and that abortion does not un-rape a woman.

NUMBER 5: Sidewalk counselors at Women's Health in Brookline reported Saturday, January 25 that a couple came out early Saturday and gave a smile and wave to the pro-lifers as they drove away. A bit ambiguous, but we'll count it as a baby saved because (1) they were not there long enough to have the abortion; and (2) the greeting as they left seemed genuine rather than sarcastic.

Two new Save the Storks vans are coming to Boston! Each is a Mercedes-Benz mobile crisis pregnancy center, fully equipped with ultrasound equipment. The two vans were bought by Daybreak of Boston and will reportedly be in action at local abortion facilities by April.

SAT, JAN 18 -- It was back to business today at the abortion mills - that's the end of the Buffer Zone attention for the moment.  At least until the decision.

Today: We had two children saved at Planned Parenthood. That makes 4 for the new year!  The first couple came out around 10 and told Mari that they changed their mind. AND that they were thankful for the woman in the black coat who had talked to them on the way in - that would be Jean, who had left by the time they came out. (#3)

The second one (#4) happened a very short time after I had left for the morning.  Paul, a new sidewalk counselor, emailed the following report:

    Around 11:30am today, I spoke to a man and a woman entering the clinic and asked them to reconsider saving the life of their baby. She went inside. I then spoke to the man at length about how life starts at conception. He said that he would give her the literature and ask her to reconsider. Fifteen minutes later they came out and the woman said that she changed her mind and decided to keep her baby. Praise God!

In Brookline this week:  On Thursday Women's Hell-th Services in Brookline was closed. (Were they already mourning the loss of the Buffer Zone?) But this followed a booming, packed house business on Wednesday.

On Friday morning at WHS, in an eerie echo of Justice Alito, a woman found out that it is not a safe establishment. She was taken out the back door in an ambulance. No further info on that.

WED, JAN 15 -- Mari and Janet called from Planned Parenthood this morning: a mother and daughter exited Planned Parenthood today and responded that the girl had changed her mind about the scheduled abortion (#1).

Buffer Zone challenge arguments heard today at Supreme Court. Go to the Supreme Court web site and click on “Oral Arguments,” followed by “Argument Transcript” or “Argument Oral”; the name of the case is McCullen v. Coakley.

The written transcript is ready now, but the audio won't be ready until Friday, January 17.

Many media reports opine that the court is likely to strike down the law, but - ominously (?) - Chief Justice Roberts remained silent throughout the hearing.

NY Times on today's hearing

U.S. edition of The Guardian

Jeff Jacoby, against the Buffer Zone: But McCullen v. Coakley isn’t about abortion. It’s about freedom of speech. Can Massachusetts make it a crime for private citizens to stand on a public sidewalk and peacefully express their view?

A Globe column FOR the Buffer Zone: "The decision to terminate a pregnancy is wrenching enough... (Why??) The Constitution rightly protects free expression. It needn’t make room for bullying."

FROM State Rep. Jim Lyons:

January 15, 2014

Boston – Following oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court regarding the appeal of the Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law, Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover) stated that, “The Supreme Court heard the Buffer Zone appeal today. Justice Elena Kagan, one of the most liberal members of the Supreme Court, conceded she was ‘hung up’ over the size of the Massachusetts Buffer Zone.” Lyons continued, “First amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams has written that, ‘The protections of the First Amendment do not evaporate the closer one comes to an abortion clinic. Access must be protected; so must speech.’ This, however, doesn’t matter to progressives in Massachusetts, where one party rule wants to trample upon our constitutionally protected rights.”
     Lyons went on to state that, “Progressives in Massachusetts do not like the fact that peaceful, prayerful people want to share a Pro-Life message on public streets in Massachusetts. They passed a law that restricts free speech for a specific group about a specific issue. The lead author, former State Representative Martha Walz, was hired as CEO of Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts, a position that has paid $250,000 per year in the past. Progressives use state law to restrict first amendment rights. The Reward: a $250,000 per year job. Political patronage, Beacon Hill style.”

Unfortunately, what is thrown away is not only food and dispensable objects, but often human beings themselves, who are discarded as ‘unnecessary.’
     For example, it is frightful even to think there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day. -- Pope Francis, speaking in his “state of the world” speech to diplomats

SAT, JAN 11 -- Planned Parenthood CEO Walz: in conflict of interest on Buffer Zone Law??

State Rep James Lyons thinks so and is asking the attorney general to pursue it: “State Representative Walz was the leading sponsor of the Buffer Zone Law, and then was hired to a position directly related to the Buffer Zone Law that has paid $250,000 per year,” Lyons says in his joint letter with Representative Marc Lombardo to the attorney general. “The question we are asking is simple. Is there a violation of the conflict of interest law when a legislator sponsors a law on behalf of an organization, then the same legislator is hired to a position in that organization that has paid $250,000.”

Letter from reps to the attorney general (pdf)

Article in the Eagle Tribune

Article in the Lowell Sun

Marty Walz pro-buffer zone column in Boston Herald

Today at Planned Parenthood we had reporters and cameramen from NBC, WBUR Radio, and ABC. The NBC crew was prepared for Siberia and had by far the most vast array of equipment, which arrived jammed into the back of a van. BELOW: Sidewalk counselors Evelyn and Ruth being interviewed by NBC.

NBC was around for several hours, shooting video of pro-lifers, signs, and the yellow buffer zone line. They spent a lot of time inside Planned Parenthood, also. We can expect that the NBC broadcast will have plenty of bilge about “women's health care,” and the apocalypse now that awaits the world if the pro-life hoards are unleashed from the pacifying constraint of the Buffer Zone.

TUE, DEC 31 -- Sean, Julie, Noreen, and Mary Anne were at Women's Health Services this morning. A car with a couple pulled in and waited in the parking lot. The assembled pro-lifers prayed very intensely and after about 15 minutes the car left; which they are convinced is a saved baby (#61). In any case, it was no abortion!

THU, DEC 26 -- Two women (mother and daughter?) entered Women's Health Services Tuesday (Dec. 24) in Brookline. Sidewalk counselors were able to talk with the mother - who did not favor the abortion - and she took pro-life info and went back inside. A short while - too soon for an abortion to have occurred - later, both exited and drove away, with smiles for the pro-life people. (#60)

Pat Buchanan:
Is Putin one of us? (We know Obama isn't!!)
The way our world ends

SAT, DEC 21 -- Two babies spared from abortion this week: #58 was Wednesday at Planned Parenthood, and, providentially, an AP reporter who was there for a story on the buffer zone, listened and took notes on the entire interaction between Eleanor and the pair of girls; including when Eleanor gave one a hand knit blanket for her newborn and took the two of them shopping at Star Market.

Number 59 is still somewhat tentative: she talked to Mary this morning for quite a while - and told her that if she could not find a place to reside, she would abort - and took pro-life info, including some on the Friends home in Quincy. She was smiling when she left, so we'll pray for the best.

SAT, DEC 14 -- Pro-lifers made it to Planned Parenthood this morning for the monthly rosary vigil. Temperature? Around 12 degrees F.

Vatican Cardinal Burke: "We can never talk enough about that as long as in our society innocent and defenseless human life is being attacked in the most savage way. I mean it’s literally a massacre of the unborn.”

The pathetic Massachusetts GOP: Polito "evolves" on same-sex "marriage"

THU, DEC 12 -- Pope's Message to the Americas on Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

WED, DEC 11 -- The Boston Globe raps Rhode Island's Bishop Tobin for not sounding the “more inclusive tone”

NUMBER 57: Carmel reported that a baby was saved on Tuesday, December 3. A 50-something woman came out of Planned Parenthood about noon and asked for a rosary and for prayers. Her daughter had decided against her abortion; the woman's husband (the father of the daughter) was not pleased.

The Boston Pilot sent a photographer to cover the Saint John's seminarians' prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood. The coverage appeared in the November 22 Pilot.

Thursday, November 14 saw one of the most unusual set of circumstances in the saving of a baby that we've ever seen. A woman walked out of Women's Health Services in Brookline while talking on her cell phone. A passerby, walking to her job in Brookline overheard her say that she was planning an abortion! So she immediately struck up a conversation with the pregnant woman, urging her to do something besides abortion. She offered to take her to her job to discuss this further and they both got into a cab. As they passed sidewalk counselors Julie and Jean, at least one of them smiled and showed a "thumbs up." (#56)
     The woman who was the ad hoc sidewalk counselor came by the next day and filled us in on the details.

FRI, NOV 8 -- Numbers 54 & 55: Eleanor called to tell of a young woman who came out of Planned Parenthood on Wednesday. She affirmed that she had decided NOT to have the scheduled abortion - and that she is carrying TWINS.

BUFFER ZONE CASE scheduled for oral arguments on January 15 in U.S. Supreme Court.

If you followed the recent elections for governor in Virginia and New Jersey, and the commentary afterward, you have probably been instructed about "the lesson" of these results. 
     But as a counter to that I urge you to listen to the following Mark Levin monologue.  If it doesn't resonate with you, you should probably apply for an exorcism.

PAT BUCHANAN: Will Christie be the candidate in 2016? Put me down as a skeptic.

Pam Stenzel was the closing speaker at the Forty Days for Life gathering in Norwood last Sunday.  We did not tape her talk, but here is a YouTube presentation of a talk in a public school covering most of the same material. She got the students' attention! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0ezYNWIDB0&list=PL48E0AE8ACB0DC78D

MON, OCT 28 -- Number 53: Rita Russo: "Wednesday, I was at Women’s Health in Brookline with Howard. A couple went in and came out a short time later. When they drove out of the parking lot, they smiled and lowered the window. As they drove by they accepted the literature I offered - directions to Pregnancy Help, an AWC pamphlet, and Watch Me Grow brochures. I said there is lots of free help available and God bless them. They said thank you and drove away before I could say anything else."

On Monday, pro-abortion groups across the country launched an organized effort to feature women telling uplifting stories of their abortions. The so-called “1 in 3” week of action will feature 100 events in 32 states, and began in Washington D.C. According to the Advocates for Youth, one in three women in the United States will at some point have an abortion.

Georgetown University - a Jesuit college in Washington, D.C. - is slated to offer a class next semester that is expected to teach students how to promote and protect abortion coverage provided under ObamaCare.

Axis of Evil IV by Ray Neary (Renew America) - Planned Parenthood is the perfect example of a living lie. The organization derives millions of dollars annually, not from planning parenthood, but by assisting a mother to de-parent – and doing the same to the father of a new member of our human family..

TUE, OCT 22 -- A pair of women came out of Planned Parenthood on Wednesday morning (Oct 16) and the pregnant one told sidewalk counselors that she would not go through with her abortion (#52).

DAVID LIMBAUGH: Even some of the liberal media are not buying into his propaganda on Obamacare. They’re acknowledging that more than glitches are involved. USA Today described Obama’s remarks as “defiant.” National Journal's Ron Fournier said that “Obama should be freaked out over Obamacare,” that “it reflects poorly on the president” and that “it’s worse than we know, this is the easy part, and millions of Americans could be hurt.”

FRI, OCT 11 -- It was a long time coming, but the 51st baby was saved on Wednesday at Planned Parenthood in Boston. Rita Russo of Forty Days for Life reports: "Praise God, there was a save at Planned Parenthood in Boston this morning! The couple came out and said they had changed their minds. They were give a baby blanket, Pregnancy Help information, love and support."

ABORTION and SUICIDE: the grim statistics.

David Limbaugh: Republicans have an entire year before the 2014 elections to make their case that Obamacare was worth fighting over.

SAT, OCT 5 -- THOMAS SOWELL: Unless the Republicans get their side of the story out — the lies will win.

PAT BUCHANAN: The plan is to maximize the people’s pain — to maximize the political damage to the enemy, the Republican Party.

MON, SEPT 30 -- House Republicans give up on pro-life, conscience regulations in ObamaCare fight (LifeSiteNews.com)

PAT BUCHANAN: Who, then, is preventing the government from being funded?
     Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Neither will accept any continuing resolution that does not contain Obamacare. Both will shut down this city rather than accept any such CR.
     It is Harry and Barry who are saying: If we don’t get full funding of Obamacare now, we shut down Washington until the House delivers.
     The battle, then, is over this question: Will the next great liberal entitlement program, Obamacare, with its manifest failings and flaws, be imposed upon the nation – against its will?

FRI, SEPT 13 -- Clare, a sidewalk counselor, spoke to a couple outside of Planned Parenthood Thursday morning. They went in, but within a half-hour they came out. "We're not going to do it," said the man (#50).

Mary and Eleanor talked with a Planned Parenthood customer on Wednesday morning, who took pro-life information from them. She finally did decide against abortion (#49).

On Syria, from Inside the Vatican: The question now is whether, through some grace of God or wisdom of men, this conflict can be contained, and then ended, without spiraling out of control into a regional or even global conflict (World War III).
     The danger of that happening is real.

Emails unearthed by the House Ways and Means Committee between former Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner and her staff raise doubts about IRS claims that the targeting wasn’t politically motivated and that low-level employees in Cincinnati masterminded the operation.
     In a February 2011 email, Ms. Lerner advised her staff—including then Exempt Organizations Technical Manager Michael Seto and then Rulings and Agreements director Holly Paz—that a Tea Party matter is “very dangerous,” and is something “Counsel and [Lerner adviser] Judy Kindell need to be in on.” Ms. Lerner adds, “Cincy should probably NOT have these cases.” (Human Events)

FRI, SEPT 6 -- Wednesday at Planned Parenthood:

A sizeable pro-life contingent was at Planned Parenthood that morning: more than a half-dozen people. By the end of the day two babies (#47 & 48) were delivered from elimination.

The first involved a mother and daughter who had driven in from Cape Cod. The seemingly paid no attention to the pro-life counselors on the way in, but a while later they came out of Planned Parenthood and the mother said to Eleanor, "We're not going to do it." The apparently felt very uncomfortable in the waiting room, leading the mother to declare, "We just have to get out of here." They accepted pro-life material and, while they declined to pray with us, the mother said, "All of you people are very kind."

The second involved a woman who was dropped off by her boyfriend, who left to park the car. She went into Planned Parenthood but came out about 45 minutes later in search of her boyfriend. On top of that, since she was late for her appointment, it had been cancelled! This gave Eleanor a chance to converse with her. While the woman was ambivalent about the man wanted them to keep the baby - "But we have no money." Eleanor reminded her that their greatest artistic production is the baby.
     Finally, the boyfriend returned and Eleanor urged them to go to Pregnancy Help. "Let's do it!" he said. Once there, Eleanor waited while the couple was counseled for about two hours - but no one was available to do the ultrasound!
     While Eleanor and the couple went to lunch, Mary, the Pregnancy Help counselor, made more calls and found a technician. So, after lunch, Eleanor and the couple went over to the nearby Saint Elizabeth's Hospital and the ultrasound was done. It showed a 12-week baby and it and clinched the decision of the young woman to finally choose life.

Pope Francis announced worldwide day of prayer and fasting for Saturday, September 7 for peace in the Middle East, especially in Syria.
     At his Angelus audience on Sunday, September 1, the Pope announced his plans for the day of prayer, to be held on “the vigil of the birth of Mary, Queen of Peace.” He called all Catholics to join in the prayer and fasting, and issued an invitation to “each person, including our fellow Christians, followers of other religions and all men of good will, to participate, in whatever way they can, in this initiative.”

Pat Buchanan: Are we really required to go to war to get the egg off Obama’s face?

Pat Buchanan: Sign the Petition Against War in Syria, Then Call Congress Today!

MON, AUG 19 -- A couple exited Planned Parenthood Saturday morning after about a half-hour inside: "I changed my mind," said the woman. One of our counselors exchanged phone numbers with her to follow up. (#46)

Theresa and Mary were at Planned Parenthood Friday morning (Aug 16) when a couple came out and walked straight over to them. "We're not going to have the abortion!" said the man. When Mary asked what prompted the change of heart, he said, "I just knew that what we were doing was wrong!" (#45)

THU, JUL 25 - It's a sad fact that some women who decide against abortion and leave the abortion facility don't always remain resolute. A few days later they end up back at abortion center. Which should not be a surprise. The numerous pressures that prompted the woman to seek an abortion are still in place, and they reassert themselves.  Fear - the primary emotion of abortion-bound women - is a powerful motivator.

    Last Saturday (July 20), one such woman came to Planned Parenthood in Boston. She had been there before within the last week or so and had spoken with Eleanor, a sidewalk counselor. Though she did not tell Eleanor or the other pro-lifers present, she left without having the abortion. But on Saturday, she returned.

    Before she went in, Judy, another counselor, spoke with her  - apparently to no avail. But around noon, after most pro-lifers had left, she came out and spoke with one of the men who remained, praying the Rosary. "I couldn't do it," she told Paul. We pray that this time she stays away (#44)! [BTW: this return customer was NOT the girl from last week who carried baby #43.)

Something we'd like to hear from OUR pulpits:

In his Sunday sermon this weekend in Kazan Cathedral in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill, Primate, of the Russian Orthodox Church, warned against the extraordinary rise in many western countries of the homosexualist movement. Kirill said that the trend of legalizing “gay marriage” is “a very dangerous sign of the apocalypse.”

It “means people are choosing a path of self-destruction,” he said. He said he supports the recently passed national ban on homosexualist propaganda that has prohibited the Gay Pride festivities that have become a prominent feature of national life elsewhere.

Bulletin to our terrorist (=pro-life) readers: House rejects bid to curb spy agency data collection

THU, JUL 18 -- Eleanor was standing under a tree yesterday morning - to get some relief from the sun - a short way from Planned Parenthood, and holding her sign that says, "We offer hope, help, love."
     A woman and her 15 year-old daughter - on their way to Planned Parenthood - approached Eleanor and said, "We need help." As they conversed, the mother related the problems they were facing. Neither one really wanted the abortion, "But we don't know what else to do." Eleanor said, "OK. First things first. We need to go to Pregnancy Help (in Brighton)." So, off they went.
     Shortly after arriving the 15 year-old was able to get an ultrasound - with at least 17 pictures of her child! The counselor set her up with a home health aide who will visit the girl every two weeks. Both mother and daughter were very excited about the new baby, and the help and TLC they received from Pregnancy Help and Eleanor. "You're just like my grandmother!" the girl said to Eleanor. Thanks be to God - #43!

On the same day as Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed the state's new late-term abortion ban into law, Planned Parenthood has announced that they are closing three more clinics in the state, one of which performs abortions.

That first 40 Days for Life prayer campaign took place in 2004 outside a Texas facility that announced it is closing, and has since grown to involve 575,000 volunteers in 501 cities around the globe.

The entire homily on a hot Sunday: "I know it's very hot, but just remember this: if you go to Hell, it's a lot hotter and it never ends!" (Father Carmody, Diocese of Worcester, many years ago.) Contrast this with the homily offered by a California Jesuit recently.

FRI, JUL 12 -- Two babies spared abortion death today, one in Haverhill, the second at Planned Parenthood. Total now stands at 42.

THU, JUL 11 -- Busy, busy morning yesterday at Planned Parenthood! About 8 couples in before 7:30 am. Finally, shortly after 11 am a woman came out and told Eleanor and Mary, "I cancelled my appointment"! That's number 40. We'll be following up on her; she was also referred to Pregnancy Help.

SAT, JUL 6 -- Yesterday at Marcus Gordon's Haverhill abortion center, a young couple hemmed and hawed before they finally went in - only to exit a short time later. "We changed our mind," was the announcement after they came out (#39).

WED, JUL 3 -- Eleanor, a sidewalk counselor, talked to a young couple heading for Planned Parenthood's door Tuesday morning. The woman was more attentive than the man, who tried to hurry the woman along. Just before the man entered Planned Parenthood, Carmel (center of RIGHT photo) spoke with him. About an hour later, the couple came out. "No," was the answer to the question of whether they had the abortion. (#38) They accepted pro-life material, but declined an offer to go immediately to Pregnancy Help.

Natick . . . We had a good showing of pro-lifers outside of Marcus Gordon's MetroWest abortion facility Tuesday. We got an extraordinary response to our "Honk if you are Pro-Life" signs. Otherwise it was rather uneventful, but there was some opposition: a young woman drove by on her bicycle and muttered some words of disgust and disbelief as she looked at us. She returned a while later with a homemade sign (BELOW).

For similar sentiments of Diversity and Tolerance, check out the the pictures and video of the protests in Texas, where legislators will take up a pro-life bill in a special session.

SAT, JUN 29 -- A young woman came out of Planned Parenthood this morning after being inside for about an hour - not enough time for an abortion. Accompanied by another woman, they stopped to talk with - and hug! - pro-lifers and confirmed that she had chosen life for her baby (#37). She has several other children, too.

WED, JUN 26 -- You've probably heard the bad news - Supreme Court,  same-sex "marriage" - but there was good news today, too: two more children (# 35 & 36) saved from abortion.

The Supreme Court accepted our challenge to the Buffer Zone Law. The case will be probably be heard sometime in the fall.

FRI, JUN 21 -- John Cronin reported a baby saved (#34) from abortion today at Marcus Gordon's abortion facility in Haverhill. Pray for John, who is recovering from a recent heart attack.

WED, JUN 19 -- Judy and Evelyn were at Planned Parenthood Saturday, and reported a "wonderful save this morning," "awesome": a couple who entered Planned Parenthood came out a short time later (#33). "She's going to call me" for follow-up, said Judy.

LARRY ELDER COLUMN: Dads matter. President Barack Obama said it recently in Chicago, a city on track for 600 murders this year, the equivalent of two Sandy Hooks per month. Too bad he still does not understand that his left-wing ideology is the problem.

MARK STEYN: We’re told that universal surveillance has prevented all kinds of atrocities we can never hear about — an answer straight out of Orwell. Yet oddly, in the ones we do hear about, the perps are hiding in plain sight (Major Hasan with “Soldier of Allah” on his business card), the intelligence services do nothing (the Pantybomber known to the CIA but still permitted to board the plane), and the digital superstate is useless (the Tsarnaev photo rang no bells with the facial-recognition software, but was identified by friends who saw it on TV).

WED, JUN 5 -- Last week Eleanor, one of our sidewalk counselors, got a call from a young woman to whom she had given her phone number at Planned Parenthood on Tuesday. "I didn't have the abortion," she said (#32), "but I need help." Which she is getting. Thank God for this victory, which came after a scarcity of babies saved.

Abortion pioneer - and concentration camp survivor! - Henry Morgentaler died Tuesday, June 4 at the age of 90. New York Times obituary.

From MassResistance: victory in Illinois and disgrace in Boston.

Michael Graham on Gomez: “One of the things I am going to change in Washington is my own party. I am fully aware that in a few months from now, some in the Republican Party will consider me to be a pain in the butt. And I am OK with that.” — Republican(?) U.S. Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez

THU, MAY 23 - About 50 attend BC commencement protest. We even got some media coverage.

Planned Parenthood CLOSED on Saturday, May 25

SAT, MAY 18 - Eleanor and Mary counseled a young woman on Tuesday at Planned Parenthood. She came out of the abortion facility and told Eleanor, "I didn't do it!" That brings our total to 31.

Converting abortion mill workers: “When you show them love instead of condemnation, when you show them peace and joy instead of anger and judgment, that will begin to break down the walls,” David Bereit told an overflow crowd at the youth conference on Friday.

TEXAS: Another house of horrors!

Obama not outraged - he adores IRS. Agency tells Iowa Coalition for Life that protests against Planned Parenthood are taboo!

THU, MAY 9 - There were two women who chose life for their babies at Planned Parenthood yesterday (#29 & 30)!!

"Personally opposed" Obama donor/supporter Gabriel Gomez took the Republican nomination for senator. Ed Markey won the Democrat primary. The common thread seems to be: to the biggest Obama sycophants go the victories. Strategy in the upcoming special election: "Don't vote! It only encourages them!"

Obama and "uncaring" pro-lifers (American Spectator)

Krauthammer on Obama: From king of the world to dead in the water in six months.

TUE, NOV 4, 2008 -- "I doubt that he is the long-prophesied ruler of the world, but I also believe that he is a carrier of a deadly moral virus, indeed a kind of anti-apostle spreading concepts and agendas that are not only anti-Christ but anti-human as well." -- Michael O'Brien on Barack: the Antichrist?

THU, FEB 17, 2005 -- Research vindicates Catholic teaching on marriage and contraception (Touchstone)

Why are things the way they are in the Boston archdiocese? One must be careful not to over-generalize, but we still believe there is a lot of insight  in Professor James Hitchcock's article, "Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results"


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Regular pro-life events in Boston area  

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"Gay marriage"

Gay marriage archive

What happened to Catholic Health Care in Boston?

The Coalition to Save Catholic Health Care - a summary of their efforts by Chairman Ray Neary, assisted by John O'Gorman.

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A 2.5-minute video of abortion fanatics on display. Disturbing!!

BLOODMONEY, The Business of Abortion -- a documentary film that exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro-Life perspective.
     This film will examine the history of abortion in America, from the inception of Planned Parenthood and the profitability of abortion clinics, to Roe v. Wade, to the denial of when life begins, to the fight to save the lives of innocent babies, and the devastating effects it has had on the women that have had them.


Life Matters is televised live from the Boston Neighborhood Network studios in downtown Boston.  They have produced over 288 different half-hour shows, including many guests who are nationally renowned in the right-to-life community.  Life Matters is currently airing in over 124 Massachusetts cities and towns, and have over 30 shows on Youtube.com & blip.tv. LINK: http://www.lifematterstv.org/

New web site! http://www.numberofabortions.com/
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