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Babies saved at Boston-area abortion clinics:
For 2015:  20   2014:   60   2013:  61 

2012: 74  2011: 119,  2010: 74,  2009: 99,  2008: 85,
2007: 90,  2006: 80,  2005: 64,  2004: 65,  2003: 60

9-0 win on buffer zone! Click for court’s decision.

BUFFER ZONE SUPREME COURT HEARING: Go to the Supreme Court web site and click on “Oral Arguments,” followed by “Argument Transcript” or “Argument Oral”; the name of the case is McCullen v. Coakley.

S.2283: Buffer Zone replacement (“Dispersal”) law

Eleanor on the sidewalk

Eleanor McCullen will speak

on “My Journey to the Supreme Court”

at St. Catherine of Siena Church
547 Washington St., Norwood

Sunday, October 18th at 3 pm

Sponsored by the Norwood Chapter of MCFL
There is no fee for this event.



ABOVE: “At the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth, and under the earth” — Phil. 2:10.

About 130 people were present at the Boston Planned Parenthood for the monthly Rosary vigil, which constituted the first part of the observance.

The Rosary was followed by several speakers: Kris Mineau, President Emeritus of Mass. Family Institute, gave an impassioned speech contrasting the religious principles underpinning our founding documents with (1) the worldview of Planned Parenthood’s founder, and (2) their current practices, which are revealed in the videos from the Center for Medical Progress.

Tom Harvey promoted his petition to end state abortion funding via a constitutional amendment.

Two post-abortive women gave from-the-heart testimonies. The first was by Petra, who was followed by Kathy Hill, the new Massachusetts coordinator of Silent No More Awareness, a ministry for post-abortion healing.

Father Michael McNamara of Servants of Christ Ministries concluded the morning with prayer and preaching: he had some powerful words in opposition to the deception and enslavement inherent in the Culture of Death, including an invitation to the opposition to abandon their futile enterprise and seek the Mercy and Forgiveness of God.

40 Days for Life

September 23 - November 1
Planned Parenthood, Boston

FPO at P.P.

Help us make this a GREAT campaign.

Rita Russo
Campaign Director

40 Days for Life Boston



Haverhill 40 Days for Life

Abortion clinic
288 Groveland Street
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sept. 23 - Nov. 1

Pick an hour to pray at the clinic.
If you're new to praying at an abortion clinic, we have a team of bi-lingual Prayer Partners ready to meet you at the vigil site. Please email us for more information at 40daysforlifehaverhill@gmail.com


SEPTEMBER 25: NUMBER 20: Theresa reported that a mother and daughter were at Planned Parenthood Friday for the daughter’s abortion (because of boyfriend’s pressure). They came out and the mother told Theresa, “She couldn’t do it.” They said thanks, but they did not need help, so they went on their way.

SEPTEMBER 23: NUMBER 19: Carmel and Jean spoke to a couple that came out of Women's Health Services Saturday, September 19 in Brookline. They confirmed that they had definitely decided against the abortion! (#19)

Another couple also left early, but we have no definite word on their situation.

SEPTEMBER 16: NEW Planned Parenthood video released!

The Center for Medical Progress has released another in a series of secret videos, this time involving more top Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts — for a profit.

Federal law bars selling for profit the tissue or body parts from aborted infants. Jim Sedlak of American Life League says he has no doubt the videos prove the law has been broken.

September 15: Rush Limbaugh . . .

The Washington Establishment Hears You, Folks — But They Don’t Care

RUSH: This is Ken in Livonia, Michigan. Great to have you. You’re up first today, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I want to address why I’m supporting Donald Trump and why others are supporting Donald Trump. I happen to be an independent conservative, a Constitutionalist. I identify myself as a Christian who’s pro-life who holds to traditional biblical view of marriage. The reason I’m supporting Trump is because the establishment of the GOP, the leadership of the GOP, despises people like me.

They are against candidates that share my values, my views. Also, the leadership of the GOP clearly believes in big, bloated government; it is becoming the opposite side of the coin with the Democratic Party. They don’t show opposition to what Obama and the Democrats are doing.

And so here comes Donald Trump. Is he a conservative, Rush? I don’t believe so. But he is the only candidate, Rush, that I see can stop the establishment of the GOP’s preferred candidate, Jeb Bush.

RUSH: Okay, we’ve nailed why people supporting Trump. There’s one other aspect to it. Trump has no fingerprints on anything that is happening in Washington. People inside the Beltway, both parties, a lot of people think they’re tone deaf or they’re out of touch. They’re not out of touch.

They know exactly how much you hate what they’re doing. They know how much everybody hates what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter anymore. It used to matter what voters think. It’s relatively new that it doesn’t matter at all what voters think, other than at election time. That’s where they care to make you think that they are going to accede to your wishes during the campaign. They get elected, and they never do anymore. They don’t even pay lip service anymore to public opinion, voter opinion or what have you.

It is clear a new set of rules is governing the establishment, and it’s money. It’s called a donor class or whatever. And people on the Republican side are simply fed up. They figured out they’ve got two landslide midterm elections giving the Republicans everything they said they needed to stop Obama, and they haven’t made move one to stop Obama, and in many cases are going along and trying to assist Obama.

So here comes Trump.



No doubt much of the stampede of Republican voters toward Mr. Trump is based on their disgust with the Republican establishment. The fact that the next two biggest vote-getters in the polls are also complete outsiders — Dr. Ben Carson and Ms. Carly Fiorina — reinforces the idea that this is a protest.

It is easy to understand why there would be pent-up resentments among Republican voters. But are elections held for the purpose of venting emotions?


People have heard one too many times that the Republican Party, if it regains control, will turn things around. Republicans have been so timid in opposing Obama’s agenda that many have quit believing they’ll reverse this madness if they acquire full control.

Along comes Trump, who gives voice to these legitimate grievances instead of calling people racist, selfish or hysterical. He emphasizes the urgency of these problems, and he denounces the status quo, the establishment, Washington inertia and political correctness without an ounce of apology. People are dehydrated, and he’s their Gatorade.

Whether Trump could or would deliver on his promises is one thing, but the establishment’s arrogant failure to acknowledge, let alone decry the horror of, the status quo is his lifeblood.


Ted Cruz is once again talking about government shutdown. This time it is about funding for Planned Parenthood.

And once again it is not going over well with some in his party.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called a strategy to withhold funding for the federal government unless taxpayer funds are pulled from Planned Parenthood an "exercise in futility."

The fiscal year for the federal budget ends Sept. 30. Without a continuing resolution authorizing ongoing funding, the government shuts down. Ted Cruz wants to hold that continuing resolution hostage to stop Planned Parenthood funding.


Web site: http://www.cwfpac.com/

Europe’s Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis bedeviling Europe has dominated headlines for the past week. European nations are struggling to manage the flood of humanity and they have responded in varying ways. Last week, President Obama committed America to taking in 10,000 more refugees from Syria, but there are hints the figure could be closer to 100,000.

Here are some brief observations on this crisis:

The media are focusing on women and children, but according to one U.N. report, 72% of the "refugees" are men. That is totally different from any refugee experience in modern history.

Many are leaving camps in Turkey, where there is no fighting. Given that the vast majority are men, some now question whether these refugees are actually migrants looking for work.

In a brilliant column, Walter Russell Mead writes that the current crisis represents the collision of two great failures: The failure of the Islamic world to adequately govern itself and the failure of Western Civilization to adequately define and defend itself.

Some European voices are beginning to question the wisdom of admitting millions of Muslims. Most of those voices are coming from Eastern Europe, which experienced a long occupation under Soviet communism. In recent years, these nations have begun reasserting their Christian roots. Now they are asking fellow Europeans if they have thought about the consequences of this mass migration.

Hungary is a good example of this. It has launched an emergency project to build a border fence, protecting it from the influx coming through Serbia. They are going so far as to take prisoners out of the jails and turning them into chain gangs to finish the fence as quickly as possible.

By the way, Israel is also building a security fence to protect its people.

These steps are not outrageous. This is by definition what a nation does to protect its territorial integrity and its citizens. Nations, not those trying to enter them, decide who and how many get to enter.

What Is Happening?

The Washington political establishment largely views immigration as an economic issue. In their view, more workers, no matter where they come from, equal more taxpayers and greater economic growth.

Many on the left and even some on the right see immigration as a humanitarian issue — whether they support open borders or feel compelled to support immigration out of a sense of compassion.

I think the issue is far more complex. Regular readers of this report know that, in this post-9/11 world, I view border security and immigration policy as essential elements of national security.

So with that understanding, let me give you a few updates on the refugee crisis now confronting Europe.

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced last week that his country would accept 20,000 Syrian refugees. This week he made a surprise visit to a refugee camp in Lebanon. What he learned there should concern everyone.

The Lebanese education minister told Cameron that two out of every 100 Syrian migrants are ISIS fighters being sent "under cover" to attack the West. "It’s a very dangerous situation and the world should wake up and do something about that," Elias Bousaab said. "ISIS will not stop at the border with Lebanon."

Let’s do the math. Cameron is willing to bring 20,000 refugees into England. If two out of every 100 are ISIS fighters, that’s 20 out of 1,000, 200 out of 10,000. So the prime minister, undoubtedly acting out of the goodness of his heart, could be importing 400 ISIS fighters into Great Britain.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced recently that her country would take 800,000 refugees. If Minister Bousaab is correct, that means as many as 16,000 ISIS fighters could be coming into Germany.

That may be the tip of the iceberg. A recent survey found that more than one-fifth of Syrians support ISIS.

Something serious is happening.

In the past few days, Germany abruptly reversed course, reimposing border controls. According to CNN, the German interior minister declared that the border controls were "urgently necessary for security reasons."

One German official said yesterday, "At least a quarter of those refugees allegedly coming from Syria are not from Syria, but from other Arab or African countries."

In addition, German authorities do know that radical Islamists already there are trying to recruit jihadists from the newly arrived refugees. Remember, we reported a few days ago that more than 70% of the refugees are men -- not women and children.


In recent days, several readers have engaged me with questions about compassion and considering Muslim refugees as a "mission field." No doubt many others are asking themselves, "What would Jesus do?"

As I wrote yesterday, I believe we should take in refugees — especially the Christians of the Middle East who are facing unimaginable persecution. I can safely say that if relocated to America, they will not be engaging in jihad.

I can also confidently say that while Jesus would want us to act compassionately, there is nothing in his teaching that requires countries to commit suicide. The New Testament teaches Christians that governments are instituted by God to protect the innocent.

Therefore, our government, when considering its immigration and refugee policies, should act in ways that protect Americans as well as those we are trying to help. Open borders that permit convicted criminals to walk in and massive levels of immigration from hostile countries are contrary to that mandate.

I do not believe that the Bible commands us to do things that jeopardize our security, putting more lives at risk. We must address these issues with far more prudence and common sense than is being demonstrated in Washington, D.C., or, seemingly, in Europe.

Al Qaeda & Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is once again earning its title as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism after it released five Al Qaeda leaders from detention.

Western intelligence agencies are on alert, warning, "the release by Iran of senior al Qaeda commanders and operatives represents a significant threat. These are dangerous and experienced operatives with a proven track record in executing deadly terror attacks."

One of the freed terrorists is Saif al Adel. According to an intelligence report cited in British media, Adel participated in the attacks against U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the abduction of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Another, Abu al Kheir al Masri, was so important to Al Qaeda that prior to his detention he was viewed as a possible successor to Osama bin Laden.

You may be thinking that Shiite Iran wouldn’t dare release these Sunni Al Qaeda extremists. But that misses the bigger picture: Iran and Al Qaeda have an understanding that the West is a common enemy. Osama bin Laden obviously shared the ayatollah’s view of America as "the great Satan."

We know of this understanding from documents captured in Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Moreover, the Obama Administration frequently pointed to various interactions between Al Qaeda and Iran. Of course, that was when it used to support sanctions against the Islamic Republic because of its terrorist activities.

But thanks to President Obama’s nuclear deal and the Democrats in Congress who voted for it, the tyrants in Tehran will be getting as much as $100 billion in sanctions relief to fund Hamas and Hezbollah.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 4: From MassResistance . . .

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis jailed — as the post-“gay marriage” revolution ratchets up!

  • Article in pro-“gay” magazine outlines what’s in store for America.
  • County Clerk Kim Davis turned down homosexual couple seeking marriage license.

LIFENEWS.COM: Abortionist Laurent Delli-Bovi used baby brains – aborted because they had Downs Syndrome – in research!

National Protest of Planned Parenthood . . .

75,000 nationwide!

300 at Boston protest!

350 in Worcester!

Crowd at Boston Planned Parenthood

SATURDAY, AUGUST 22: It was a day of prayer, song, and righteous indignation outside of Boston's Planned Parenthood. Surprisingly, we got media coverage, and some of it was good! (In particular, NECN and WBUR. See the links below.)

The pertinent points of Saturday's protest were captured in the talks by State Rep Jim Lyons and C.J. Doyle, Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts. Fortunately, we have video of them both:

VIDEO of State Rep. Jim Lyons (6 min)

VIDEO of C.J. Doyle (6 min)

A special thanks goes to Rita and John Russo (40 Days for Life) and to the men of God who led us in prayer, among them Father McNamara of Servants of Christ (ABOVE); Deacon George Escotto of St. Patrick’s Parish, Lawrence; and several Franciscans of the Primitive Observance (FPO) in Boston (BELOW).

The Washington Post covered this nationwide protest: Monica Miller, the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, one of the participating groups, said that previous protests have drawn thousands (e.g., March for Life), but hundreds of simultaneous protests have never taken place on the same day.

“We want to draw attention to the injustice of legalized abortion,” she said. “The American public needs to be awakened to the atrocity of what is happening to innocent unborn children.”

The Harms Report — resembles The Drudge Report —  has LOTS of news on this and many other pro-life matters of concern.

VIDEO of State Rep. Jim Lyons, 6 min (ABOVE with wife, Bernadette)

VIDEO of C.J. Doyle, 6 min (ABOVE)

LINKS to media coverage of Protest:

New England Cable News video and text

WBUR-FM Radio coverage (text and 2 min audio)

Boston Herald article

Catholic Free Press coverage of Worcester rally

ABOVE: Barbara Bell with pro-life friend.


POSTSCRIPT: Today’s Globe has an article on how the exposure of Planned Parenthood’s body parts sales has brought heat to bear on those oh-so-detached laborers in the science vineyard, who find it difficult to come by body parts, customarily gotten from “local hospitals after fetuses had been aborted or otherwise died in utero.”

Here’s the quote that distills the essence of this exercise in “progress”: “For me,” she said, “it’s purely a scientific issue, not a moral one.” In other words, we should proceed as if God does not exist — while “respecting” those who disagree, as long as they fork over their tax dollars.

NUMBER 18: Another baby was saved from abortion Tuesday, August 11 at Women’s Health Services in Brookline. Thanks to Julie, Noreen, and Sean and everyone praying for this work.

      I do not cease to give thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers
 [Eph. 1:16].



10:00 am - 12 noon

WHERE: Planned Parenthood
1055 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

There are now more than 300 cities involved in this protest!

And more than 50 pro-life organizations!

We are hoping for major media coverage. Though most of the media prefer to ignore this major scandal about Planned Parenthood.

Despite the videos, that even Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards acknowledges are real (though she did not like “the tone”!).

And now we have a seventh video, depicting an interview with a Stem Express employee describing her involvement with harvesting brain tissue from a still-living baby!

Speaking of media: on Tuesday night Planned Parenthood gave 16 ‘journalists’ their Maggie Awards for Media Excellence — i.e., being pro-abortion lapdogs!

We will be calling attention to the recent revelations of the barbarity of our nation’s largest abortion merchant. And of the urgent need to have Planned Parenthood defunded and prosecuted!

Some of our speakers will be State Representative Jim Lyons, Rita Russo of 40 Days for Life, CJ Doyle of the Catholic Action League, Father Michael McNamara, and OR: Boston President, Bill Cotter.

We will provide signs.

TUE, AUG 11 — NUMBERS 16 & 17. There were two children rescued from abortion today. At Planned Parenthood, the young woman told Eleanor, “I just couldn't do it.” They now have an appointment with Pregnancy Help (#16).
    In Brookline, at Womens Health, a discouraged woman was rescued by the baby’s father, who arrived after she did and insisted that she not have the abortion (#17).

NUMBER 15: Jean called on Saturday morning to report a baby saved from abortion at Women’s Health Services in Brookline. The couple drove into the lot but stayed only a few minutes.
    On the way out, they talked briefly with sidewalk counselors and accepted pro-life information. The couple affirmed their choice for Life and drove away looking happy.

Fred Pulsifer, shown here at a picket of Marcus Gordon’s abortion mill in Methuen.

August 1 marked the passing of Frederick Pulsifer, 91. Fred was a Navy veteran of World War II and a veteran of Operation Rescue with many years on the sidewalk. During the last few years he resided at the Old Soldiers Home in Chelsea. He was buried following a funeral Mass at the chapel attached to the Soldiers Home. Pray for the repose of his soul.

Senate protects funding for Planned Parenthood

Deuteronomy: Choose Life - girl prays at P.P.

ABOVE: Girl at prayer (accompanied by many others) on Saturday, August 1 at Planned Parenthood, Boston.

MONDAY, AUG 3 — Senate Democrats filibustered the bill to defund Planned Parenthood. The Republicans lacked the 60 votes to effect cloture. Story on Lifenews.com.

SUN, AUG 2 - Today's Herald: State Rep. Lyons slams tissue sales; demands defunding of Planned Parenthood

State Rep. Lyons at Women Betrayed rally

State Rep. James Lyons (ABOVE) said he would like to see a court block Planned Parenthood from selling fetal tissue as alleged in recent videos circulated by an anti-abortion group, which has now been stopped from distributing more footage by a federal judge.

“It would seem that if there were an injunction that might need to be issued, it would be an injunction against Planned Parenthood for the sale of fetal organs to the highest bidder,” the Andover Republican told the Herald yesterday.

Women Betrayed rallies demand defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Women Betrayed banner at State House

Students for Life of America organized rallies in cities across America Tuesday, including Boston, demanding the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Were this a sane nation, such a minimal gesture would be automatic, regardless of whether or not they are selling body parts. Killing babies and corrupting youth are ample reasons to deprive them of our money.

We don't know how this series of Planned Parenthood video revelations will pan out, but the story deserves to be pushed to the limit.

There are moves under way, federally and in states, to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood.

But the Empire is striking back!

Our government is assuring us that there is nothing to this! The videos are “fraudulent,” deceptively edited by “extremists on the right,” according to the White House press secretary.

How does he know? Planned Parenthood told him!

As for our local Planned Parenthood, everything is AOK. No body part sales here. Attorney General Maura — “I stand with Planned Parenthood” — Healey told us so.

The whistleblowers, not Planned Parenthood, are under prosecution in California; and federally, the Obama Mob has ordered a Justice Department investigation of the producers of the video!

Speakers at rally


View of rally crowd

SUN, JULY 19 —  Pro-abortion journalist reconsidering after Planned Parenthood video: By decrying tone, Richards implies that what Nucatola said is OK. She just should have sugared it up some and perhaps not discussed it over a glass of Pinot.
    Sorry Cecile, not buying it. (Click for complete column.)

Excellent analysis by A.L.L. of Cecile Richards statement about the video.

Hannibal Lecter

Michelle Malkin: Hannibal Lecter ain’t got nothing on the profit-maximizing abortion ghoul caught on tape hawking aborted baby parts as she swilled wine and nibbled on a gourmet salad.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist: The Bad, Worse, and Ugly: Media Coverage of Planned Parenthood video.

It’s only been two years since the media struggled to even cover the story of Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor and serial murderer. After being shamed into covering the “local crime story” by readers and viewers who had requested coverage for years, the media offered a few mea culpas, and promised to improve coverage of the abortion topic and present the issue more fairly.

They have repeatedly failed, whether the story was cheerleading for late-term abortion supporter Wendy Davis, or accurately covering religious Americans opposition to paying for abortifacients.

This story, however, is so big that it is proceeding even against the wishes of the media and their brethren at Planned Parenthood. As the federal government and state governments prepare to truly investigate Planned Parenthood’s chop shops, let’s hope coverage improves mightily. (Click for full article.)

StemExpress, the California-based company that serves as a middleman between Planned Parenthood and the organizations that seek body parts harvested from aborted babies, once advertised bulk discounts for baby organs and body parts.

American Thinker: Dr. Nucatola’s callous inhumanity is the true face of Planned Parenthood.

SUN, JULY 12 -


Ruth and Paul

Ruth (ABOVE) was there Saturday as a couple of young women exited Planned Parenthood in Boston. “She didn't do it,” said one of the women about her friend. Ruth had an extended conversation with them and made sure they had plenty of resource material before the pair went on their way. That's #14.

RIP John Cronin:

John Cronin

John Cronin, a pro-life soldier for many years, one of Operation Rescue's mainstays, died on the 4th of July. He had been in rehab following a heart attack several weeks ago. He was buried on July 10 in Immaculate Conception Cemetary in Lawrence, following a funeral Mass at Saint Michael's in North Andover.

SATURDAY, JUNE 20 - NUMBER 12: The first call came from Sean, then a second from Carmel, both of whom were at Women's Health Services in Brookline. The message: a child had been saved from abortion, confirmed by feedback from the couple.

NUMBER 13: At Planned Parenthood, a couple, including a visibly upset woman, entered the facility on June 20, but came out too soon for a surgical abortion to have been done, though they had indicated one had been scheduled. We count this as a saved baby but it looks to be quite temporary. Pray for the couple and child.

FRI, JUNE 12 - NUMBER 11: The Wednesday crew had a nice surprise this week (June 10). A woman passerby who took a rose from the pro-lifers (thanks to Frank, who buys them!), a short time later came back to thank them.
     Not for the rose, but for the sidewalk counselor who was there in front of Planned Parenthood in January, when she went in for her abortion appointment. The words, “You are a mother!” stuck in her mind. But she came out without having the abortion! Her baby is due in September / October area.
     After receiving cash and other gifts from the pro-lifers, she got a ride home from Pat. Nice work!

THU, MAY 28 - Two more children (#9 & 10) were spared death by abortion this week after they received, via a third party, Eleanor's card offering help and hope to pregnant women. One card came from an unidentified stranger who encountered a crying pregnant woman in a near-empty church. Another card was obtained by a woman from a sidewalk counselor outside of Planned Parenthood; she brought it home to her pregnant daughter.

MON, MAY 25 - MARRIAGE: Ireland is now the first nation to officially go “gay.”

A harbinger of worse to come, I fear, as the West continues to divorce itself from its Christian heritage.

But it did not start with homosexuality, as this insightful article from Crisis Magazine points out:

First, same-sex “marriage” and homosexuals did not kill marriage; they are merely picking over the carcass. Same-sex “marriage” is the direct result of precisely the divorce and cohabitation epidemics that this document tells us are less important. These brought the “abolition of marriage” and devalued it to the point that it became attractive to some homosexuals. Others have long warned that Christian leaders are shockingly silent on these matters, and their warnings now stand vindicated. Same-sex “marriage” is the logical result.

Click here to read the entire article.

MON, MAY 11 - Last week was a notable week. Thankfully, we had two saved babies; but also many lost children. As usual, the violence of abortion did not remain confined to the abortion facilities, but spilled over to the sidewalk, e.g., verbal threats and vile language.

But first, the good news. On Wednesday, a mother and father accompanied their 30-something daughter into Planned Parenthood. The mother took pro-life material from Eleanor: “Thank you. God bless.” They related that they had tried talking the daughter out of the abortion, without success - yet. After staying inside for about an hour, they - parents, daughter, and boyfriend - came out. They proceeded to congregate near their car, where the smiling daughter and boyfriend had a prolonged hug before they all drove away.

The verbal feedback was sketchy, but (1) there was not enough time for an abortion, and (2) body language indicated a happy outcome. So, we called it #7.

On Friday, Theresa and company spoke with a woman who came out of Planned Parenthood, who said she would not be having the abortion. “Do you need any help?” “No, I just changed my mind!” (#8)

On Friday, a couple walked across the lot of Women's Health Services in Brookline. Abruptly, the man shouted angrily that if we said anything, he would “knock you bleeding into the street,” or some such thing. We spoke anyway, offering help for mother and baby. He went into the facility, apparently preferring to direct his hostility to someone who couldn’t fight back.

Near Planned Parenthood, a woman - not a customer of Planned Parenthood - screamed angrily for a considerable time at Theresa, Connie, and Jane, all sidewalk counselors. She was especially aggravated at one of their signs, which says, “Stop all abortion!” Concerning the sign, the woman (or her demon) said: “That's evil!”

MON, APR 20 - Women's Health Services, Brookline. Saturday Carmel called again to report that a couple who left last week returned this week and had the abortion! Sad, but these things do happen. Sometimes a couple will decide against the abortion, only to go home to the same pressures that brought them there in the first place. So, the count reverts to 4.

THU, APR 16 - Eleanor was at Planned Parenthood on Wednesday morning and when a young man came out and asked her, “Do you have any quarters?” As they talked, Eleanor learned that his sister was there for an abortion, partly occasioned by the recent death of their parents.

    Fortunately, he was courteous enough to listen to Eleanor, who, in her own words, “got quite emotional,” and emphatically insisted that their sadness cannot be an excuse for destroying their mother's grandchild! The young man went back in and when he came out he was excited and accompanied by his sister, who had decided not to have the abortion! (#4)

Another saved life!  A woman stopped at Planned Parenthood this morning (Wednesday) to thank the assembled pro-lifers for their work.
     Her story is that 25 or more years ago, she was homeless and pregnant - and heading an abortion. But on the way into the facility she met some pro-lifers, decided against the abortion, and that was the start of turning her life around. She subsequently gave birth to another child.

WED, MAR 11 - Number 3 confirmed! On Monday, March 9 Eleanor accompanied the woman who had called her Saturday to her appointment at Pregnancy Help, where she viewed the ultrasound of her en utero child.

The woman got Eleanor's card - Providentially - when she told another woman that she was pregnant and thinking of an abortion. The other woman - a former client of Eleanor's - gave her Eleanor's card and said, “She will help you!” Eleanor and Pregnancy Help are doing just that.

TUE, FEB 17 - Baby saved today! (#2) Shortly after 7:30 AM a couple arrived at Women's Health Services in Brookline.

They approached one door of the building - an employees' entrance - which was locked. I called to them while holding our “Pregnant? Free help” sign.

Next, they tried the regular entrance. Locked, and no security guard.

So, they returned to their car, backed out, and headed toward the street.

Julie, another sidewalk counselor, had just arrived as they approached the driveway. They stopped and rolled down the window and chatted briefly with Julie (PHOTO ABOVE). Smiles and thumbs up from the couple! They took pro-life information and drove off.

“What did they say?”

Julie repeated what they told her: “If he hadn't been here we would have gone in!” Pretty humbling! - B.C.

ABOVE: The packed parking lot of the BUSY Women's Health Services abortion facility today. It was even busier Saturday! That's Julie, a sidewalk counselor, in the red jacket.
     The WHS dis-assembly line has customers in and out - out is via the back alley - in two hours or less!

TUE, JAN 27 - Is America hopeless? Breitbart headline: OBAMA APPROVAL RATING AT 50 PERCENT AS REPUBLICANS ABANDON IMMIGRATION CAMPAIGN PROMISES - State of the Union gives boost

WED, JAN 21 - The presidential impersonator gave his State of the Union (much worse!) speech tonight. But I'm not going to tire us with pondering that exercise.
     Instead, I call your attention to a national prayer breakfast of a few years ago, where he also gave a speech. But more important is the speech that preceded Obama's. It was delivered by Eric Metaxas, a name you should know. He is an author of biographies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce, among others.
     I encourage you to read the National Review article of Eric's speech - called "devastating" by NR - in which he graciously, but pointedly delivered a message about faith and the scandal of abortion. All while standing just feet from Obama!

FRI, JAN 9 - “Hi, Bill, this is Lorraine with a little bit of good news. Praise God, there was a save (#1) this morning! A man and a woman came out of Planned Parenthood and I was gonna offer them some Project Rachel literature. But the woman, with a big smile on her face, said, ‘No, we didn’t do it!’ I said, ‘Praise God!’ We had a little prayer together and they went off.
     “That’s the good news for today. Have a good day, Bill. God Bless.”

THU, JAN 8 - A viral video and the graphic language used by abortionists to describe late-term abortion. From an undercover video by Live Action, reported by LifeNews.com.

MON, JAN 5 - The year ended with baby #60, saved at Planned Parenthood on the morning of December 31. Mary, Eleanor, Ed, Sandy, and the rest of the usual suspects were on hand. Mary encountered the young woman outside of Planned Parenthood's door and offered her a rosary and pro-life material. After briefly conversing with her, Mary called Eleanor over. As Eleanor related later in a phone call from her car, the young woman, who already has two other children, decided against the abortion after seeing the ultrasound. Eleanor also inferred that religious convictions also played a part. The woman accepted Eleanor's card before leaving and promised to call her.

The PBS special After Tiller included material on Doctor Warren Hern. Here is some background information - which you may not have heard on the program - on one of the four subjects: Warren Hern of the Boulder Abortion Clinic (one of the very few facilities in the U.S. that uses the word “abortion” in its title).

According to Dr. Hern, pregnancy is “an illness.” In his own words: “Accordingly, the open recognition and legitimation of pregnancy as an illness would be consistent with the individual self-interest of those experiencing pregnancy, good standards of medical practice, and the continued survival of human and other species.” Click here to read his article on his web site.

Need we add that Dr. Hern offers treatment for this “illness”?

Warren Hern is an ultra-environmentalist. According to Dr. Hern, the human species has become a cancer on the planet! “[T]he human species is an example of a malignant ecotumor, an uncontrolled proliferation of a single species that threatens the existence of other species in their habitats.” Click for the full article.

Hern is the author of the book, Abortion Practice, a textbook on how to do abortions. It's the Middle East brought into the doctor's office. He describes in vivid detail the killing of the children in utero. For example, how the forceps is used to crush the “calvaria” (so clinical sounding!) - i.e., the skull; recalls Calvary, “which is called the skull.” He knows that his victim is dead when he observes the flow of brain tissue!

Further reference: http://www.drhern.com/ Look under "News and Publications."

FRI, AUG 1 - As expected, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law the new buffer zone replacement law Wednesday afternoon, which gives police the authority to order people who block access to an abortion facility to move behind a line that is 25 feet from the entrance. The signing took place in a press conference, where Patrick was flanked by other abortion fanatics. Although the Supreme Court found, in McCullen v. Coakley, that the state had violated the First Amendment rights of civil rights activists by imposing a 35-foot buffer zone at the behest of Planned Parenthood, the agents of the state, i.e., AG Martha Coakley and former Planned Parenthood board member Deval Patrick, did not come to the defense of pro-lifers, who were the victims of this injustice, but instead formed (renewed, actually) a partnership with Planned Parenthood, who perpetrated the injustice in the first place. But that comes as no surprise, as they, also, promoted the buffer zone law.

Attorney Michael DePrimo, who represented the Eleanor McCullen et al. in their challenge of the buffer zone law, issued the following statement:

“The new buffer zone law is a backdoor attempt to interfere with the constitutional right of free speech in the service of women seeking abortion whose minds are not made up‚ women who are looking for the hope, help, love, and concrete aid offered by Eleanor McCullen and other peaceful sidewalk counselors. This new law chills life-saving speech by threatening massive civil fines for non-violent acts such as peacefully offering a leaflet of information to passersby on a public sidewalk.

“The reality is that individuals in the abortion industry have a business incentive to falsely characterize any attempt at pro-life communication on the public ways outside abortion clinics as a form of harassment or intimidation, no matter how peaceful. It is important for law enforcement to understand that momentary attempts at peaceful communication to offer hope, help and love are constitutionally protected expressive conduct, despite the legislature’s rejection of an amendment offered by Representative Jim Lyons that would have made that expressly clear.

“If a citizen is threatening public safety, he or she can be arrested under current state or federal law, and then enjoined by a judge based on evidence and testimony. The new law signed by the Governor ignores those common resources, and instead invites state censorship by enabling police to order peaceful citizens to stand on a 25-foot line for the remainder of the abortion clinic’s business hours. The new law is unconstitutional not only because it is vague and overbroad, but also because it purports to grant to law enforcement the power to issue a temporary restraining order‚a power that may only be exercised by courts.

“The first amendment protection of free speech cannot be placed behind painted lines. My client Eleanor McCullen and the other peaceful sidewalk counselors will continue to serve the women of Boston who deserve real alternatives to abortion. We will closely monitor law enforcement’s use of the new law to ensure that our clients’ peaceful exercise of first amendment rights is not infringed.”

Tyranny: the inevitable result of our society’s descent into moral chaos - Anthony Esolen

Hadley Arkes on Hobby Lobby

What do abortion, gay “marriage” and government-sanctioned illegal immigration have in common? — Anthony Esolen

Contraception is a threat to national security! Demographic bankruptcy leads to financial bankruptcy, and financial bankruptcy heightens the risk of political collapse. And a bankrupt nation is at the mercy of its creditors and of opportunistic neighbors. So European society today is in grave danger. Click for the full column by Phil Lawler

Axis of Evil IV by Ray Neary (Renew America) - Planned Parenthood is the perfect example of a living lie. The organization derives millions of dollars annually, not from planning parenthood, but by assisting a mother to de-parent and doing the same to the father of a new member of our human family..

Obama and "uncaring" pro-lifers (American Spectator)

Krauthammer on Obama: From king of the world to dead in the water in six months.

TUE, NOV 4, 2008 -- "I doubt that he is the long-prophesied ruler of the world, but I also believe that he is a carrier of a deadly moral virus, indeed a kind of anti-apostle spreading concepts and agendas that are not only anti-Christ but anti-human as well." -- Michael O'Brien on Barack: the Antichrist?

THU, FEB 17, 2005 -- Research vindicates Catholic teaching on marriage and contraception (Touchstone)

Why are things the way they are in the Boston archdiocese? One must be careful not to over-generalize, but we still believe there is a lot of insight  in Professor James Hitchcock's article, "Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results"


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Regular pro-life events in Boston area  

Too few witnesses

What happened to Catholic Health Care in Boston?

The Coalition to Save Catholic Health Care - a summary of their efforts by Chairman Ray Neary, assisted by John O'Gorman.

Sites of interest

BLOODMONEY, The Business of Abortion -- a documentary film that exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro-Life perspective.
     This film will examine the history of abortion in America, from the inception of Planned Parenthood and the profitability of abortion clinics, to Roe v. Wade, to the denial of when life begins, to the fight to save the lives of innocent babies, and the devastating effects it has had on the women that have had them.


Life Matters is televised live from the Boston Neighborhood Network studios in downtown Boston.  They have produced over 288 different half-hour shows, including many guests who are nationally renowned in the right-to-life community.  Life Matters is currently airing in over 124 Massachusetts cities and towns, and have over 30 shows on Youtube.com & blip.tv. LINK: http://www.lifematterstv.org/

New web site! http://www.numberofabortions.com/
This a page of real-time “abortion counters” intended to heighten awareness of the reality & magnitude of the Abortion Holocaust. This site is unique in having many different abortion counters on one page. There are other sites with a single counter and a number of those use out of date statistics.

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